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Pseudochaetosphaeronema larense

Pseudochaetosphaeronema larense (Borelli & R. Zamora) Punith., Nova Hedwigia 31(1-3): 127 (1979).

Cladosporium strumelloideum Milko & Dunaev, Nov. sist. Niz. Rast. 23: 134 (1986).

            Index Fungorum number: IF 321757; Facesoffungi number: FoF 11595, Fig. 1

Description: see Ahmed et al. (2014).

Material examined: see Ahmed et al. (2014).


Figure. 1. Pseudochaetosphaeronema larense (CBS 640.73, re-drawn from Fig. 7 in Ahmed et al., 2014).  a, b Conidiophores. c Conidia. Scale bars: a–c = 10 μm.

Importance and role

Importance of genus to ecosystem

Species of Pseudochaetosphaeronema are fungal pathogen responsible for black-grain mycetomas (Fraser et al., 2017). Some species are endophytic (Zhang et al., 2016).


Industrial relevance and applications

The industrial applications of Pseudochaetosphaeronema have not been investigated.


Quarantine significance

Pseudochaetosphaeronema is of quarantine importance due to its pathogenic nature. P. larense causes black-grain eumycetoma (Borelli et al., 1976) while P. martinelli is the causal agent of phaeohyphomycosis (Ahmed et al., 2015).


Biochemical importance of the genus, chemical diversity or applications

The chemical diversity of Pseudochaetosphaeronema has not been reported.


Diversity of the genus

Pseudochaetosphaeronema comprises five species known on decaying twig of Cerasus pseudocerasus (Rosaceae) from China, from foot of Homo sapiens in Venezuela, from subcutaneous nodule of Homo sapiens in Martinique, on dead leaves of Pandanus (Pandanaceae) and on fallen pod of Tamarindus (Fabaceae) Thailand.  Pseudochaetosphaeronema is likely to comprise many more species that awaits discovery.



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