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Vacuiphoma bulgarica

Vacuiphoma bulgarica (Aveskamp, Gruyter & Verkley) Valenz.-Lopez, Cano, Crous, Guarro & Stchigel, in Valenzuela-Lopez et al., Stud. Mycol. 90: 40 (2017).

Phoma bulgarica Aveskamp, Gruyter & Verkley, in Aveskamp et al., Stud. Mycol. 65: 47 (2010)

Index Fungorum number: IF 821452; Facesoffungi number: FoF 11535, Fig. 1

Description: see Valenzuela-Lopez et al. (2018).

Material examined:  see Valenzuela-Lopez et al. (2018).


Fig. 1 Hyphal strand of Vacuiphoma bulgarica (CBS 357.84; re-drawn from Fig. 13 Phoma bulgarica in Aveskamp et al. 2010). Scale bar = 50 μm.

Importance and distribution

Vacuiphoma comprises two species. Vacuiphoma bulgarica was isolated from leaves of Trachystemon orientalis (Boraginaceae) in Europe (Bulgaria) while V. oculihominis was isolated from eye secretion of a human in The United States (Illinois). Vacuiphoma is an interesting but poorly studied genus.



Aveskamp MM, de Gruyter J, Woudenberg JHC, Verkley GJM, Crous PW. 2010 – Highlights of the Didymellaceae: a polyphasic approach to characterize Phoma and related pleosporalean genera. Studies in Mycology 65, 1–60.

Valenzuela-Lopez N, Cano-Lira JF, Guarro J, Sutton DA et al. 2018 – Coelomycetous Dothideomycetes with emphasis on the families Cucurbitariaceae and Didymellaceae. Studies in Mycology 90, 1–69.


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