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Calophoma clematidina

Calophoma clematidina (Thüm.) Qian Chen & L. Cai, in Chen et al., Stud. Mycol. 82:192 (2015).

Ascochyta clematidina Thüm., Bull. Soc. Imp. nat. Moscou 55: 98 (1880).

 Index Fungorum number: IF 235204; Facesoffungi number: FoF 09669, Fig. 1

Description: see Chen et al. (2015).

Material considered: see Chen et al. (2015).

Fig. 1 Calophoma clematidina (CBS 108.79; redrawn from Chen et al. 2015). a Colony appearance. b Vertical section of pycnidium. c Section of pycnidial wall. d Conidiogenous cells. e Conidia. Scale bars: b = 20 µm, c–e = 10 µm.

Importance and distribution

Calophoma comprises eleven species known on wide range of hosts such as Asteraceae, Cannabaceae, Ranunculaceae and Rosaceae. Calophoma has been reported mainly from Asia (China (Qinghai), Russia) and Europe (Italy, Norway, Switzerland).



Chen Q, Jiang JR, Zhang GZ, Cai L, Crous PW. 2015 – Resolving the Phoma enigma. Studies in Mycology 82, 137–217.



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