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Acrocalymma medicaginis

Acrocalymma medicaginis Alcorn & J.A.G. Irwin, Trans. Br. mycol. Soc. 88(2): 163 (1987).

            Index Fungorum number: IF 130085; Facesoffungi number: FoF 07099, Fig. 1

Description: See Zhang et al. (2012a), Trakunyingcharoen et al. (2014).

Material considered: See Zhang et al. (2012a), Trakunyingcharoen et al. (2014).

Fig. 1 Acrocalymma medicaginis (WTU F007540, holotype, re-illustrated from Fig. 1 in Zhang et al. 2012a). a Pycnidia on wood surface. b–d Conidia. e Germinating conidium. Scale bars: bd = 5 µm, e = 10 µm.


Importance and distribution

Acrocalymma comprises seven species known on several host plants. Acrocalymma aquaticum is reported on submerged wood in freshwater stream, A. bipolare is known on decaying wood, submerged in freshwater, A. cycadis is reported on leaf litter of Cycas calcicola (Cycadaceae), A. fici was isolated from Ficus (Moraceae), A. hongheense is reported on woody litter, A. medicaginis is known from stem of Medicago sativa (Fabaceae), A. pterocarpi is reported from fallen pod of Pterocarpus indicus (Fabaceae), A. vaga is known from roots of Cucumis melo var. cantalupensis (Cucurbitaceae), A. walkeri was found on Medicago sativa (Fabaceae) and A. yuxiense is known on dead leaves of Quercus (Fagaceae). Acrocalymma is known from Australia (Queensland), Asia (China, India, Thailand), Africa (Egypt) and the United States (Texas).



Shoemaker RA, Babcock CE, Irwin JAG. 1991 – Massarina walkeri n. sp., the teleomorph of Acrocalymma medicaginis from Medicago sativa contrasted with Leptosphaeria pratensis, L. weimeri n. sp., and L. viridella. Canadian Journal of Botany 69, 569–573.

Trakunyingcharoen T, Lombard L, Groenewald JZ, Cheewangkoon R et al. 2014 – Mycoparasitic species of Sphaerellopsis, and allied lichenicolous and other genera. IMA Fungus 5, 391– 414.

Zhang H, Hyde KD, Mckenzie EH, Bahkali AH, Zhou D. 2012 – Sequence data reveals phylogenetic affinities of Acrocalymma aquatica sp. nov., Aquasubmersa mircensis gen. et sp. nov. and Clohesyomyces aquaticus (freshwater coelomycetes). Cryptogamie Mycologie 33, 333–346.


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