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Pseudoepicoccum cocos

Pseudoepicoccum cocos (F. Stevens) M.B. Ellis, Dematiaceous Hyphomycetes (Kew): 270 (1971).

  Epicoccum cocos F. Stevens, Philipp. Agric. 21: 81 (1932).

            Index Fungorum number: IF 321781 Facesoffungi number: FoF 11085,      Fig. 1

            Description: see Pratibha et al. (2014).

 Material considered: see Pratibha et al. (2014).

Fig. 1 Pseudoepicoccum cocos (MTCC 11762! redrawn from Pratibha et al. 2014). a Conidiophore and conidia. b Conidia. Scale bars: = 5 µm.

Importance and distribution

Pseudoepicoccum comprises two species associated with brown leaf spots. Pseudoepicoccum cocos was described from coconut leaves in Asia (Philippines) while P. tectonae was found on leaves of Tectona grandis (Lamiaceae) from Asia (India) (Sharma et al. 1985).



Pratibha J, Prabhugaonkar A, Hyde KD, Bhat DJ. 2014 – Phylogenetic placement of Bahusandhika, Cancellidium and Pseudoepicoccum (asexual Ascomycota). Phytotaxa 176, 68–80.

Sharma JK, Mohanan C, Maria Florens EJ. 1985 – Disease survey in nurseries and plantations of forest tree species grown in Kerala. Research Report, Kerala Forest Research Institute 36, 268 pp



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