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Endoconidioma populi

Endoconidioma populi Tsuneda, Hambl. & Currah, Mycologia 96(5): 1129 (2004).

            Index Fungorum number: IF 487733; Facesoffungi number: FoF 00081, Fig. 1

Description: see Mirzaei et al. (2015).

Material examined: see Mirzaei et al. (2015).

Fig. 1 Endoconidioma populi (IRAN 2350, re-drawn from Fig. 2 in Mirzaei et al. 2015). a, b Unicellular, blastic conidia on the hyphae. c Two-celled blastic conidia. d Germination of two-celled blastic conidia. Scale bars: a–c = 10 μm, d = 20 μm.

Importance and distribution

Endoconidioma comprises two species, E. populi reported from a twig of Populus tremuloides (Salicaceae) in North America (Canada) and E. rosae-hissaricae found on dead fruits of Rosa canina (Rosaceae) in Asia (Uzbekistan). Endoconidioma species are melanized fungi belonging to the group known as black meristematic fungus (BMFs) or black yeasts due to their yeast-like growth (Tsuneda et al. 2004).




Mirzaei S, Nahvi J, Khaledi M, Abdollahzadeh J, Amini J, Abrinbana M. 2015 – Molecular and morphological characterization of Endoconidioma populi from Kurdistan Province, Iran. Mycologia Iranica 2, 125–131.

Tsuneda A, Hambleton S, Currah RS. 2004 – Morphology and Phylogenetic Placement of Endoconidioma, a New Endoconidial Genus from Trembling Aspen. Mycologia 96, 1128–1135.


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