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Atopospora betulina

Atopospora betulina (Fr.) Petr., Annls mycol. 23(1/2): 101 (1925).

Xyloma betulinum Fr., Observ. mycol. (Havniae) 1: 198 (1815).

            Index Fungorum number: IF 258409; Facesoffungi number: FoF 12054, Fig. 1

Description: see Fakirova (1997).

Material examined: see Fakirova (1997).

Fig. 1 Atopospora betulina (re-drawn from Fig. 1 in Fakirova 1997). a Section through ascoma. b Ascus. c Ascospores. Scale bar = 20 µm.

Importance and distribution

Atopospora comprises four species known on leaves of Araucaria araucana (Araucariaceae), dead branches of Smilax chnial (Smilacaceae) and Schima (Theaceae). Atopospora is reported from Asia (China) and South America (Chile).



Fakirova VI. 1997 – Pyrenomycetous fungi on a birch (Betula pendula) substratum in Bulgaria. Bocconea 5, 839–844.

Müller E, Arx JA, von. 1962 – Die Gattungen der didymosporen Pyrenomyceten. Beiträge zur Kryptogamenflora der Schweiz 11, 1–922.



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