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Coronopapilla Kohlm. & Volkm.-Kohlm., Mycol. Res. 94(5): 686 (1990).

Index Fungorum number: IF 25439; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08394, 2 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2022), 1 species with molecular data.

Saprobic on host. Sexual morph: Ascomata subglobose, immersed in wood, ostiolate, papillate, clypeate, coriaceous, light-colored, single or in groups. Papilla conical, black, crown-like, tearing at the top into 3–5 carbonaceous sections surrounded by a shield-like, black clypeus, ostiolar canal, periphysate. Peridium composed of 8–15 layers of polygonal hyaline cells, forming a textura angularis. Hamathecium pseudo-paraphysoid, trabeculate, forming a network of anastomosing filaments, embedded in a gelatinous matrix. Asci 8-spored, cylindrical, long pedunculate, thick-walled, fissitunicate, non-amyloid, without an apical apparatus, with an oculus in the thick-walled endoascus, maturing successively on the ascogenous tissue at the bottom of the locule. Ascospores arranged monostichously (slightly overlapping) in the ascus, ellipsoidal,1–3-septate, constricted at the central septum, hazel; wall thick, two-layered. Asexual morph: Unknown (adapted from Kohlmeyer and Volkmeyer-Kohlmeyer 1990).


Type species: Coronopapilla avellina Kohlm. & Volkm.-Kohlm.


Notes: Coronopapilla is characterised by subglobose, ostiolate, ascomata with cylindrical, long pedunculate, thick-walled asci and ellipsoidal ascospores arranged monostichously (slightly overlapping) in the ascus. Kohlmeyer and Volkmann-Kohlmeyer (1991) re-studied the holotype specimen of Caryospora mangrovei (IMI 327272) from Brunei and synonymized it under Coronopapilla avellina. Vu et al. (2019) provided sequence data (LSU and ITS) for Coronopapilla mangrovei. Coronopapilla is similar to Didymosphaeria, but can be differentiated by 1–3-septate ascospores, a hamathecium with gelatinous matrix, and long pedunculate asci with ocular chamber. Coronopapilla differs from other genera in Zopfiaceae in having ascomata with a stroma or clypeus, 1–3-septate, distoseptate, smooth-walled ascospores, constricted at the central septum (Kohlmeyer and Volkmann-Kohlmeyer 1990). Coronopapilla is morphologically and phylogenetically a distinct genus in Zopfiaceae. Molecular markers available for Coronopapilla are ITS and LSU.


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