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Tetraploa aristata

Tetraploa aristata Berk. & Broome, Ann. Mag. nat. Hist., Ser. 2 5: 459 (1850).

            Index Fungorum number: IF 148113; Facesoffungi number: FoF 11755, Fig. 1

Description: see Tanaka et al. (2009); Hyde et al. (2013).

Material examined: see Tanaka et al. (2009); Hyde et al. (2013).


Fig. 1 Tetraploa aristata (Re-drawn from Fig. 1 in Ellis 1949). ao Development of α spores. p Young β spore. q Mature α spore. r α spore stained to show protoplasmic linkage by pores. s Mycelium. t Lateral view of β spore. u End view of β spore. Scale bar: (All × 500)

Importance and distribution

There are 22 Tetraploa epithets in Index Fungorum (2022), but several species have been transferred to Pseudotetraploa. Tetraploa comprises 15 species known on a wide range of plants such as Agrostis tenuis (Poaceae), Amomum corynostachyum (Zingiberaceae), Anadelphia leptocoma (Poaceae), Andropogon gerardii (Poaceae), Angelica sylvestris (Apiaceae), Arundo donax (Poaceae), Avena pratensis (Poaceae), Axonopus affinis (Poaceae), Bactris gasipaes (Arecaceae) amongst others. Tetraploa is reported from Africa (Ghana, Sierra Leone), Asia (Malaysia, Myanmar), Europe (Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom) and the United States (California, Florida, Virginia).



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