Pleosporales » Striatiguttulaceae


Longicorpus S.N. Zhang, K.D. Hyde & J.K. Liu, MycoKeys 49: 117 (2019).

Index Fungorum number: IF 828276; Facesoffungi number: FoF 05036, 1 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2021), 1 species with molecular data.

Saprobic on mangrove palms. Sexual morph: Ascomata black, scattered to gregarious, immersed, and erumpent through host epidermis by a papilla or a short to long neck, sometimes visible as a slightly raised, dome-shaped area, with a clypeus comprises host tissue and fungal hyphae, ampulliform, subglobose or conical, uni-loculate, coriaceous to carbonaceous, ostiolate, periphysate, papillate, glabrous or somewhat interwoven pale brown hyphae or setae. Peridium composing of pale brown or brown angular cells. Hamathecium of septate, branched, thin, anastomosing trabeculate pseudoparaphyses, embedded in a gelatinous matrix. Asci 8-spored, bitunicate, cylindric-clavate, pedicellate, apically rounded, with an ocular chamber. Ascospores uniseriate to biseriate, hyaline to brown, fusiform, 1–3-septate, the upper middle cell slightly swollen towards the central septum, and the end cells paler and smaller, striate, guttulate, surrounded by a mucilaginous sheath. Asexual morph: Unknown (adapted from Zhang et al. 2012).


Type species: Longicorpus striatisporus (K.D. Hyde) S.N. Zhang, K.D. Hyde & J.K. Liu


Notes: Longicorpus is characterised by black, scattered to gregarious, immersed ascomata, cylindric-clavate, pedicellate asci and hyaline to brown, fusiform, 1–3-septate ascospores. Longicorpus resembles Striatiguttula but can be differentiated in having elongate, fusiform ascospores with relatively larger middle cells and paler end cells. Longicorpus is sister to Striatiguttula but forms a distinct phylogenetic lineage. Longicorpus striataspora is morphologically identical to Trematosphaeria striataspora, with both fungi being isolated from Nypa fruticans. Zhang et al. (2019) provided sequence data and designated an epitype for this species. Longicorpus is morphologically and phylogenetically a distinct genus in Striatiguttulaceae. Molecular markers available for Longicorpus are LSU, SSU, RPB2 and TEF-1.


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