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Immotthia atrograna

Immotthia atrograna (Cooke & Ellis) M.E. Barr, Mycotaxon 46: 71 (1993).

           Index Fungorum number: IF 359286; Facesoffungi number: FoF 11717, Fig. 1

Description: see Doilom et al. (2018); Jiang et al. (2021).

Material examined: see Doilom et al. (2018); Jiang et al. (2021).

Fig. 1 Immotthia atrograna (CWU Myc AS 4704, holotype, modified from Fig. 2 in Akulov and Hayova 2016). a Vertical section through ascomata. b Asci with ascospores and part of hamathecium. c Ascomatal peridium and ascospores. d, e Asexual morph of Immotthia atrograna, Coniothyrium parasitans [KW 60665]. d Conidiogenous cells. e Conidia. Scale bars: a = 200 µm, b = 40 µm, c, d = 10 µm, e = 5 µm

Importance and distribution

Immotthia comprises two species. Immotthia atrograna is known on Liquidambar sp. (Altingiaceae) in the United States (New Jersey) while I. atroseptata has been reported on apothecia of Pestalopezia rhododendri (Amphisphaeriaceae) in the United States (North Carolina).



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