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Sirodesmium granulosum

Sirodesmium granulosum De Not., Mém. R. Accad. Sci. Torino, Ser. 2 10: 348 (1849).

            Index Fungorum number: IF 161232; Facesoffungi number: FoF 11838, Fig. 1

Description: see De Not (1849).

Material examined: see De Not (1849).

Fig. 1 Conidiophores and conidia of Sirodesmium granulosum (re-drawn from Fig. 10 in De Notaris 1849).

Importance and distribution

There are eleven Sirodesmium epithets in Index Fungorum (2022), but six species have been transferred to Coniosporium, Consetiella, Peyronelia and Piricauda. Sirodesmium is reported on a wide range of hosts such as Agave sp. (Asparagaceae), Cedrus brevifolia (Pinaceae), Hibiscus tiliaceus (Malvaceae), Magnolia virginiana (Magnoliaceae), Populus sp. (Salicaceae), Schinus terebinthifolius (Anacardiaceae) and Zelkova serrata (Ulmaceae). Sirodesmium is reported from Asia (Cyprus, India, Japan, Pakistan), Europe (New Caledonia) and the United States (Oregon, South Carolina).



De Notaris CG. 1849 Micromycetes Italici. Memorie della Reale accademia delle scienze di Torino Series 2, 10, 348.


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