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Repetophragma biseptatum

Repetophragma biseptatum (M.B. Ellis) Subram. [as 'biseptata'], Proc. Indian natn Sci. Acad., Part B. Biol. Sci. 58(4): 185 (1992).

Sporidesmium biseptatum M.B. Ellis, Mycol. Pap. 93: 25 (1963).

            Index Fungorum number: IF 359869; Facesoffungi number: FoF 11833, Fig. 1

Description: see Ellis (1963); Marincowitz et al. (2008); Silvera-Simón et al. (2009); Zhang et al. (2009); Castañeda-Ruiz et al. (2011); Ai et al. (2019).

Material examined: see Ellis (1963); Marincowitz et al. (2008); Silvera-Simón et al. (2009); Zhang et al. (2009); Castañeda-Ruiz et al. (2011); Ai et al. (2019).

Fig. 1 Conidiophores and conidia of Repetophragma biseptatum (Re-drawn from Sporidesmium biseptatum Fig. 15 in Ellis 1963). Scale bar = 10 μm.

Importance and distribution

Repetophragma comprises 39 species. Repetophragma goidanichii, R. lignicola, R. sinense and R. zambiense have been transferred to Sympodiella, Endophragmiella, Sporidesmium and Neopseudocercospora respectively. Repetophragma is known on a wide range of host such as Caesalpinia echinata (Fabaceae), Cistus sp. (Cistaceae), Cupania paniculata (Sapindaceae), Freycinetia arborea (Pandanaceae), Phillyrea angustifolia (Oleaceae), Phyllostachys sp. (Poaceae), Psidium guajava (Myrtaceae) and Zygopetalum mackaii (Orchidaceae). Repetophragma is reported from Asia (Hong Kong), Europe (Italy), North America (Caribbean (Cuba), the United States) and South America (Brazil, Venezuela).



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