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Phaeostagonospora nolinae

Phaeostagonospora nolinae A.W. Ramaley, Mycotaxon 61: 351 (1997).

            Index Fungorum number: IF 436677; Facesoffungi number: FoF 00465, Fig. 1

Description: see Ramaley (1997); Phookamsak et al. (2014c); Câmara et al. (2003).

Material examined: see Ramaley (1997); Phookamsak et al. (2014c); Câmara et al. (2003).

Fig. 1 Phaeostagonospora nolinae (Ramaley 9407A, holotype, re-drawn from Ramaley 1997). a Conidiophores and conidia. b Conidia. Scale bar = 10 μm.

Importance and distribution

Phaeostagonospora comprises only one species known on dead leaves of Nolina erumpens (Asparagaceae) in the United States (Texas).



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