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Ophiosimulans Tibpromma, Camporesi & K.D. Hyde, in Tibpromma et al., Mycol. Progr. 15(no. 46): 3 (2016).

          Index Fungorum number: IF 551566; Faceoffungi number: FoF 01251, 1 morphological species (Species Fungorum, 2022), 2 species with molecular data

Saprobic in terrestrial habitats. Sexual morph: Ascomata immersed or erumpent, globose to subglobose, uniloculate, hairy, ostiole central. Peridium composed of several layers of heavily pigmented, reddish-brown cells of textura angularis. Hamathecium comprising numerous filamentous, branched, anastomosing, septate pseudoparaphyses. Asci 8-spored, bitunicate, cylindrical, short pedicellate, ocular chamber. Ascospores filiform, multi-septate, separating into two parts at the centre, constricted septum, hyaline, not surrounded by a mucilaginous sheath. Asexual morph: Unknown (adapted from Tibpromma et al. 2016).


Type species: Ophiosimulans tanaceti Tibpromma, Camporesi & K.D.Hyde


Notes: Ophiosimulans shares similar characters to Ophiobolus, however, it is unique in having cylindrical asci with short pedicels and filiform ascospores with up to 15 septa separating into two parts in the centre of the spore. Molecular markers available for Ophiosimulans include ITS, LSU, SSU and TEF-1.


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