Pleosporales » Paradictyoarthriniaceae


Paradictyoarthrinium Matsush., Matsush. Mycol. Mem. 9: 18 (1996)

Index Fungorum number: IF 27676; Facesoffungi number: FoF 00315, 4 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2021), 4 species with molecular data.

Saprobic on host. Sexual morph: Unknown. Asexual morph: Conidiogenous cells blastic, integrated, terminal, determinate. Conidia muriform, initially globose to sub globose, becoming ellipsoidal to irregular shape, brown to black, solitary or developing in branched chains, with 1– 2 short chains, verrucose, very variable in size and shape; circular to irregular with a protruding basal cell; rounded to truncate at the base (Adapted from Liu et al. 2015).


           Type species: Paradictyoarthrinium diffractum Matsush.


Notes: Paradictyoarthrinium is characterized by blastic conidiogenous cells, verrucose brown to black conidia variable in shape. Phylogenetic analyses of Paradictyoarthrinium were provided in Liu et al. (2015). Phylogenetically, Paradictyoarthrinium is a distinct and well-supported genus in Paradictyo arthriniaceae.


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