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Aquilomyces patris

Aquilomyces patris D.G. Knapp, Kovács, J.Z. Groenew. & Crous, in Knapp, Kovács, Zajta, Groenewald & Crous, Persoonia 35: 93 (2015).

            Index Fungorum number: IF 810757; Facesoffungi number: FoF 11612, Fig.1

Description: see Knapp et al. (2015).

Material examined: see Knapp et al. (2015).


Importance and role

Importance of genus to ecosystem

Species of Aquilomyces are root endophytes. They might secrete plant growth regulators that affect the root architecture (Lamont, 2003).


Industrial relevance and applications

The industrial applications of Aquilomyces have not been investigated.


Quarantine significance

No disease has been reported from Aquilomyces. This warrants further studies.


Biochemical importance of the genus, chemical diversity or applications

The chemical diversity of Aquilomyces has not been reported.


Diversity of the genus  

Aquilomyces comprises two species. Aquilomyces patris is known on root of Populus alba (Salicaceae) in Hungary. A.  rebunensis has been reported on submerged twig in Hokkaido Japan.

The diversity of Aquilomyces is still only poorly understood, and the lineages described so far is probably only a small fraction of the true diversity of Aquilomyces.


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