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Macroventuria anomochaeta

Macroventuria anomochaeta Aa, Persoonia 6(3): 362 (1971).

            Index Fungorum number: IF 317111; Facesoffungi number: FoFxxx, Fig. 1

Description: see van der Aa (1971).

Material examined: see van der Aa (1971).



Fig. 1. Macroventuria spp. (re-drawn from van der Aa 1971).  a, b. Macroventuria wentii. a. Perithecium. b. Asci and ascospores. c, d. Macroventuria anomochaeta. c. Perithecium. d. Asci and ascospores. Scale bars:  a, c = 100 μm, b, d = 10 μm.


Importance and role

Importance of genus to ecosystem

Species of Macroventuria are saprobic and help in decomposition of organic matter in the ecosystem. Some species can also be pathogenic to plant, human and animal (van der Aa 1971).


Industrial relevance and applications

The industrial applications of Macroventuria has not been investigated.


Quarantine significance

The biocontrol properties of Macroventuria has not been reported.


Biochemical importance of the genus, chemical diversity or applications

The chemical application of Macroventuria has not been studied. This warrants further research.


Diversity of the genus

Macroventuria comprises two species. M. anomochaeta has been reported on Medicago sativa (Fabaceae) in South Africa. M. wentii (CBS 877.70) has been found on Franseria sp (Asteraceae) in Nevada. Some strains of M. wentii has also been isolated from different habitats. CBS 526.71 was found from dead litter (F. W. Went 22g; H. van der Aa 2332) holotype.  CBS 527.7 1A was isolated from air (F. W. Went 240; H. van der Aa 2333).  CBS 527.71B was isolated from ant pellet (F. W. Went 773; H van der Aa 2627).  CBS 527.71C was isolated from floor of Veromessor nest (F. W. Went 796; H. van der Aa 2628). CBS 527.7 1D was isolated from mycelium of Veromessor nest (F. W. Went 814; H. van der Aa 2725). All these strains were isolated by F.W. Went in 1970 and 1971 and were found from Death Valley, Nevada, USA. An attempt must be made to re-sampled related hosts and regions for more species discovery.



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