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Sajamaea mycophila

Sajamaea mycophila Flakus, Piątek & Rodr. Flakus, in Piątek et al., Mycol. Progr. 19(1): 6 (2020).

           Index Fungorum number: IF 832197; Facesoffungi number: FoF 11500, Fig. 1

Description: see Piątek et al. (2020).

Material considered: see Piątek et al. (2020).

Fig. 1 Sajamaea mycophila (KRAM F-59659, re-drawn from Fig. 4 in Piątek et al. 2020). a Conidiomata growing on ascomata of Paraleptosphaeria polylepidis. b Longitudinal section through conidioma. c Conidiogenous cells. d Conidia. Scale bars: a = 500 μm, b = 50 μm, c, d = 10 μm.

Importance and distribution

Sajamaea comprises only one species mycoparasitic on Paraleptosphaeria polylepidis, on Polylepis tarapacana (Rosaceae) in South America (Bolivia).



Piątek M, Rodriguez-Flakus P, Domic A, Palabral-Aguilera AN. 2020 –Phylogenetic placement of Leptosphaeria polylepidis, a pathogen of Andean endemic Polylepis tarapacana, and its newly discovered mycoparasite Sajamaea mycophila gen. et sp. nov. Mycological Progress 19, 1–14.


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