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Amorosia littoralis

Amorosia littoralis Mantle & D. Hawksw., in Mantle et al., Mycol. Res. 110(12): 1373 (2006).

           Index Fungorum number: IF 500928; Facesoffungi number: FoF 11460, Fig. 1

Description: see Mantle et al. (2006).

Material examined: see Mantle et al. (2006).

Fig. 1 Amorosia littoralis (K(M) 139387, holotype). a Mycelial hypha. b Mycelial hyphae anastomosing. c Chlamydospores. d Perforate septum in conidium. e–g Terminally produced conidiogenous cells and conidia. h–i Laterally produced conidia and conidiogenous cells. f Clamp-like swelling on the base of a conidiogenous cell. j Mature 3-4-septate conidia. k conidium with apical cell about to germinate. Scale bar = 10 mm (upper, all except D; lower, D).

Importance and distribution

Amorosia comprises only one species isolated from intertidal sediment, associated with Rhizophora (Rhizophoraceae) in Caribbean (Bahamas).



Mantle P, Hawksworth D, Pazoutová S, Collinson L, Rassing B. 2007 – Amorosia littoralis gen. sp. nov., a new genus and species name for the scorpinone and caffeine-producing hyphomycete from the littoral zone in The Bahamas. Mycological Research 110, 1371–1378.


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