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Campoa pulcherrima

Campoa pulcherrima Speg., Boln Acad. nac. Cienc. Córdoba 25: 90 [no. 173, repr. 92] (1921).

            Index Fungorum number: IF 275620; Facesoffungi number: FoF11974, Fig. 1

Description: see Spegazzini (1921); Inácio and Cannon (2008).

Material examined: see Spegazzini (1921); Inácio and Cannon (2008).


Fig. 1 Campoa pulcherrima (re-drawn from Spegazzini 1921). a Superficial stroma on leaf. b Section through ascomata. c Close up of stroma. d Asci with ascospores and paraphyses. e Ascospores.

Importance and distribution

Campoa comprises four species known on Eugenia temu (Myrtaceae), Blepharocalyx divaricatus (Myrtaceae), Campoa thujopsidis (Cupressaceae) and Thujopsis dolabrata var. hondai (Cupressaceae) in Asia (Japan and Philippines) and South America (Chile).



Inácio CA, Cannon PF. 2008 – The genera of the Parmulariaceae. CBS Biodiversity Series vol. 8. Utrecht, Netherlands: CBS Biodiversity Centre, 196 p.

Spegazzini CL. 1921 – Mycetes Chilenses. Boletín de la Academia Nacional de Ciencias Córdoba 25, 1–124 [nos 1-232].


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