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Pleurovularia R. Kirschner & U. Braun, Mycoscience 43(1): 16 (2002).

Index Fungorum number: IF 28597; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08640, 1 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2022), no molecular data available.

Phytoparasitic. Sexual morph: Unknown. Asexual morph: Conidiophores macronematous, mononematous, hyaline, simple or sparsely branched, verruculose at least in the distal part, emerging mainly through the outer wall of epidermal cells of the host. Conidiogenous cells intercalary and terminal with slightly thickened, pigmented scars, mono- or polyblastic, producing hyaline conidia with vacuole (adapted from Videira et al. 2017).


Type species: Pleurovularia polliniae (Henn.) R. Kirschner & U. Braun.


Notes: Pleurovularia is characterised by macronematous, mononematous, hyaline conidiophores, intercalary conidiogenous cells and mono- or polyblastic, hyaline conidia. The placement of Pleurovularia in Mycosphaerellaceae is doubtful. Fresh collections with DNA sequence data are needed to confirm the taxonomic position of Pleurovularia.


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