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Neophloeospora U. Braun, C. Nakash., Videira & Crous, in Videira et al., Stud. Mycol. 87: 338 (2017).

           Index Fungorum number: IF 822598; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08522; 1 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2022), 1 species with molecular data.

 Phytopathogenic, causing leaf spots. Sexual morph: Pseudothecia on overwintered, fallen leaves, initially immersed, later erumpent, epiphyllous, dark brown, spherical, with short necks and circular ostioles. Peridium composed of several cell layers of textura angularis, the outer cells dark brown, the inner cells hyaline. Asci fasciculate, cylindrical to clavate, hyaline, 8-spored, bitunicate. Ascospores biseriate or irregularly biseriate, ellipsoid, medianly or slightly unequally 1-septate, upper cell slightly wider than the lower cell, guttulate. Asexual morph: Conidiomata epiphyllous, acervular, subepidermal, separate or confluent, composed of cells of textura angularis; dehiscence irregular. Conidiogenous cells terminal, hyaline, cylindrical, proliferating per currently with inconspicuous annellations or sympodially. Conidia hyaline or sub hyaline, smooth, cylindrical to obclavate, straight or curved, septate, guttulate, with age becoming darker, constricted at the septa and slightly verruculose (Adapted from Punithalingam 1990 and Videira et al. 2017).


Type species: Neophloeospora maculans (Berenger) Videira & Crous


Notes: Neophloeospora was introduced by Braun et al. (2017) with N. maculans as type species. Neophloeospora maculans was previously known as Phloeospora maculans but was not congeneric with the type of Phloeospora. Neophloeospora morphologically differs from Phloeospora in having sub hyaline to pale brown conidia constricted at the septum. Neophloeospora is a distinct genus in Mycosphaerellaceae and is differentiated based on DNA sequence data. Molecular markers available for Neophloeospora include ITS, RPB2 and (cmkB) mRNA.


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