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Neochaetothyrina syzygii

Neochaetothyrina syzygii Crous, in Crous et al., Persoonia 46: 391 (2021).

            Index Fungorum number: IF 839532; Facesoffungi number: FoF 11325, Fig. 1

Description: see Crous et al. (2021).

Material examined: see Crous et al. (2021).

Fig. 1 Neochaetothyrina syzygii (CBS H-24537, holotype, re-drawn from Crous et al. 2021). a Ascomata on leaf surface with setae. b Setae. c, d Asci. e Ascospores. Scale bars: a = 200 μm, b–e = 10 μm.

Importance and distribution

Neochaetothyrina comprises only one species known on leaves of Syzygium cordatum (Myrtaceae) in South Africa (Mpumalanga).



Crous PW, Cowan DA, Maggs-Kölling G, Yilmaz N et al. 2021– Fungal Planet description sheets: 1182–1283. Persoonia 46, 313–528.  https://10.3767/persoonia.2021.46.11

Hongsanan S, Zhao RL, Hyde KD. 2017 A new species of Chaetothyrina on branches of mango, and introducing Phaeothecoidiellaceae fam. nov. Mycosphere 8, 137–146.                                  


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