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Microcyclosporella mali

Microcyclosporella mali J. Frank, Schroers & Crous, in Frank et al., Persoonia 24: 101 (2010).

            Index Fungorum number: IF 516841; Facesoffungi number: FoF 11163, Fig. 1

Description: see Frank et al. (2010).

Material examined: see Frank et al. (2010).

Fig. 1 Microcyclosporella mali (CPC 16184, re-drawn from Fig. 3 in Frank et al. 2010). a Colony on OA. b Spermatia. c Spermatogenous cells. d Conidiophore with conidia. e–g Conidia with microcyclic conidiation. Scale bars = 10 µm.

Importance and distribution

Microcyclosporella comprises only one species known on Malus and Prunus fruit surface (Rosaceae) in Europe (Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey) and the United States (Michigan, Ohio).




Batzer JC, Gleason ML, Harrington TC, Tiffany LH. 2005 – Expansion of the sooty blotch and flyspeck complex on apples based on analysis of ribosomal DNA gene sequences and morphology. Mycologia 97, 1268 –1286.

Frank J, Crous P, Groenewald JZ, Oertel B, Hyde KD, Phengsintham P, Schroers HJ. 2010 – Microcyclospora and Microcyclosporella: novel genera accommodating epiphytic fungi causing sooty blotch on apple. Persoonia 24, 93–105.


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