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Ciferriella Petr., Annls mycol. 28(5/6): 409 (1930).

Index Fungorum number: IF 7650; Facesoffungi number: FoF 09186, 1 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2022), no molecular data available.

Associated with leaf spot. Leaf spots amphigenous, subcircular, medium brown with dark purple margin. Sexual morph: Unknown. Asexual morph: Sporulation hypophyllous, fasciculate to sporodochial, brown, arising from a brown stroma, up to 50 µm diam. Conidiophores medium brown, smooth, subcylindrical, 0–2-septate, straight to once geniculate. Conidiogenous cells terminal, brown, smooth to finely verruculose, ampulliform to subcylindrical, proliferating sympodially or percurrently, tapering to a truncate apex. Conidia brown, smooth, straight to slightly curved, obclavate, apex subobtuse, base obconically truncate, 0–3-septate (adapted from Quaedvlieg et al. 2013).


Type species: Ciferriella domingensis Petr. & Cif


Notes: Ciferriella is characterised by medium brown conidiophores, brown, smooth to finely verruculose conidiogenous cells, and smooth, straight to slightly curved conidia. Quaedvlieg et al. (2013) re-examined the holotype specimen of C. domingensis and pointed out that the size of the conidia and conidiophores correlate with the observations made by Sutton (1980) but the conidiomata are sporodochial to fasciculate, and not acervular. Quaedvlieg et al. (2013) considered C. domingensis as a typical Pseudocercospora sensu Crous et al. (2013) and proposed the combination P. domingensis based on species currently known from Vitex (Crous and Braun 2003). The placement of Ciferriella in Mycosphaerellaceae is doubtful.


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