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Muyocopromyces quilonensis

Muyocopromyces quilonensis (K.P. Jain & R. Gupta) G. Worobiec, in Worobiec et al., Fungal Biology 124: 840 (2020).

Callimothallus quilonensis K.P. Jain & R. Gupta, Palaeobotanist 18(2): 180 and Pl. 1, fig. 15 (1970) [1969].

            Index Fungorum number: IF 836232; Facesoffungi number: FoF 11966, Fig. 1

Description: see Worobiec et al. (2020).

Material examined: see Worobiec et al. (2020).

Fig. 1 Muyocopromyces quilonensis (= Callimothallus quilonensis K.P. Jain & R. Gupta, re-drawn from Fig. 5 in Worobiec et al. 2020). a Sporodochium, note conidiogenous cells with a single conidiogenous locus (pore) oriented centrifugally and situated peripherally (arrow).

Importance and distribution

Muyocopromyces is a fossil epiphyllous callimothalloid fungi belonging to the fossil-genera Callimothallus hence, the structures occur as coalified compressions and permineralizations (Worobiec et al. 2020). Muyocopromyces comprises only one species known from Miocene horizon in Tertiary deposits in South India.



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