Eremithallales » Melaspileaceae » Melaspileella

Melaspileella proximella

Melaspileella proximella (Nyl.) Ertz & Diederich, Fungal Diversity 71: 161 (2015).

 ≡ Arthonia proximella Nyl., Lich. Scand. (Helsinki): 262 (1861).

            Index Fungorum number: IF 636682; Facesoffungi number: FoF 07610, Fig. 1


Saprobic on host. Sexual morph: Ascostromata 350–380 μm diam., 150–177 μm high, solitary, superficial, dark to black, coriaceous, small rounded, discoid or flat shaped.  Peridium 25–40 μm comprises 2 layers, dark-brown and thick-walled cells at outer layers, light brown to hyaline cells of textura angularis in inner layers.  Hamathecium 1.9–2.2 μm, comprising dense, hyaline, unbranched, filamentous, septate, cellular pseudoparaphyses. Asci 35–50 × 19–22 μm (x̄ = 42.3 × 20.9 µm, n = 10), 8-spored, bitunicate, broadly clavate to subglobose, with a rounded apex and a short pedicel.  Ascospores 14–15 × 5.7–6.7 μm (x̄ = 15.0 × 6.3 µm, n = 10), 2 to 3-seriate to irregularly arranged, ellipsoid, hyaline, 1-septate, with slightly larger upper cell, with slightly narrower lower cell, smooth-walled. Appendages faintly seen. Asexual morph: Undetermined.

Material examined: Greece, Dodecanese, Rhodes Island, SW of Lardos at 300 m from the sea, on trunk of Olea europaea (Oleaceae) along a road in a dry and open landscape, 1st August 2017, Damien Ertz (BR5030108806599).