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Linopeltis ryukyuensis

Linopeltis ryukyuensis I. Hino & Katum., Bull. Faculty of Agriculture, Yamaguchi University 11: 15 (1960)                                                                                                                                     Fig. 1

Index Fungorum number: IF 440969; Facesoffungi number: FoF 01950

Epiphytic or saprobic on culms of Sinobambusa tootsik. Sexual morph: Ascostromata 80–150 µm high, 330–800 µm long, 198–250 µm diam., scattered, solitary to gregarious, subcuticular or superficial, with hyphae immersed under host tissue, elongate ellipsoidal or irregular in shape, dark brown to black, hemispherical, shiny, glabrous, multi-loculate, with slit-like opening. Locules 75–150 µm high × 60–170 µm diam., clustered, globose to subglobose. Peridium 10–20 µm composed of a single layer of isodiametric cells, thin-walled, dark brown to black with the base comprising of pseudoparenchymatous cells, arranged in a textura epidermoidea. Hamathecium numerous, filiform, aseptate, broad pseudoparaphyses, embedded in a gelatinous matrix. Asci 45–65 µm × 20–25 µm (x̅ = 52.5 × 23.2, n = 10), 8-spored, bitunicate, oblong to ellipsoidal, short pedicellate, apically rounded, with indistinct ocular chamber. Ascospores 35–45 µm × 3–4 µm (x̅ = 32.2 × 3.6, n = 10), overlapping, fasciculate, firstly hyaline, becoming brown at maturity, cylindrical to elongated fusoid, with marginally rounded ends, distoseptate, 6–10-septate, thick and smooth-walled. Asexual morph: Undetermined.

Material examined JAPAN, Okinawa, Nakijinson, Jana Kunigamaigun, on branch of Sinobambusa tootsik (Poaceae), 26 July 1959, H. Muroi (YAM 20332, holotype).

Economic significance – None has been reported.