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Hobsoniopsis D. Hawksw., Mycol. Res. 105(4): 457 (2001)

Index Fungorum number: IF 28490; Facesoffungi number: FoF xx, 1 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2021), molecular data unavailable.

Colonies lichenicolous, sporodochia erumpent through upper cortex of thallus, gray yellow pink, unchanging with time, convex, powdery, irregularly rounded, sometimes confluent. Mycelium immersed, septate, hyphae 1–1.5 wide. Conidiogenous cells integrated, monoblastic. Conidia solitary, light brown, dry, variable, most of often almost isodiametric, filament helicoid, multicellular, transversely septate, walls irregularly and sparsely verrucose with darker, thicker areas (Adapted from Lowen et al. 1986).


Type species: Hobsoniopsis santessonii (Lowen & D. Hawksw.) D. Hawksw.


Notes: Hobsoniopsis was introduced by Hawksworth (2001) with H. santessonii as type species. Hobsoniopsis santessonii, previously known as Hobsonia santessonii was introduced by Lowen and Hawksworth (1986). Hobsoniopsis is unique in having gray color appearance on the host and irregular conidia with thickened and verrucose walls. The placement of Hobsoniopsis is uncertain as molecular data is lacking. Hobsoniopsis is currently in Dothideomycetes, genera incertae sedis.


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