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Chaetosticta perforata

Chaetosticta perforata (Ellis & Everh.) Petr. & Syd., Annls mycol. 23(3/6): 270 (1925).

Chaetomella perforata Ellis & Everh., J. Mycol. 1(12): 153 (1885).

            Index Fungorum number: IF 273952; Facesoffungi number: FoF 06227 Fig. 1

Description: see Li et al. (2020).

Material examined: see Li et al. (2020).

Fig. 1 Chaetosticta perforata (a, c, e, f redrawn from Sutton 1980, b, d, g from Morgan-Jones et al. 1972). a Surface view of a conidioma. b Vertical section of conidioma. c, d Conidiogenous cells and developing conidia. e Conidiomatal seta. f, g Conidia. Scale bars: a, b = 100 µm, c, d, g, f = 10 µm, e = 20 µm.

Importance and distribution

Chaetosticta comprises three species known on Artemisia sp. (Asteraceae), Cirsium altissimum (Asteraceae), Iris foetidus (Iridaceae) and Miconia rubiginosa (Melastomataceae). Chaetosticta is reported from Europe (Spain), South America (Brazil) and the United States (Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas).



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