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Citation: Pem D et al. (2019) Mycosphere Notes 275-324: A morphotaxonomic revision and typification of obscure Dothideomycetes genera (incertae sedis). Mycosphere 10(1), 1115–1246


Cerodothis Muthappa, Mycologia 61: 737 (1969)

Saprobic on leaves. Sexual morph: Thyriothecia  multilocular, pale yellow to brown, epiphyllous, sub-epidermal, comprises dark brown to brown cells of textura angularis (= cylindrical to cuboid cells). Locules globose to sub globose, ostiolate, with ectostroma bifurcate, endostroma rounded. Asci 8-spored, bitunicate, subcylindrical to clavate, sessile to very short-pedicellate, narrowly rounded at apex. Ascospores crowded, 2–3-seriate, 1-septate, narrowly obovoid to fusiform, hyaline, smooth-walled. Asexual morph: Undetermined.


Type species Cerodothis aurea Muthappa


Notes – The monotypic genus Cerodothis was introduced by Muthappa in (1969) with Cerodothis aurea as the type species. The latter was isolated from leaves of Bambusa arundinacea in India. The asexual morph is unknown. We re-examined the holotype specimen of Cerodothis aurea from BPI under the code BPI 610067. The specimen is in poor condition and we could not observe many characters. The genus Cerodothis shares similar morphological characters to species of Microthyriaceae in having superficial, flattened, ascomata, with the cells of the upper wall radiating in parallel arrangement from the distinct central ostiolar opening, obclavate to cylindro-clavate asci and 2-celled ascospores (Wu et al. 2011). However, we could not observe the asci and ascospores from the specimen. We therefore, treat this genus as doubtful and retain it in Dothideomycetes, genera incertae sedis. This fungus needs to be recollected and restudied.



Muthappa BN. 1969 Morphology of a new Loculoascomycete on Bambusa arundinacea. Mycologia 61, 737747.

Wu HX, Schoch CL, Boonmee S, Bahkali AH et al. 2011 – A reappraisal of Microthyriaceae. Fungal Diversity 51, 189–248.



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