Dothideomycetes families incertae sedis » Leptopeltidaceae


Dothiopeltis E. Müll., Sydowia 10(1–6): 197 (1957) [1956].

Index Fungorum number: IF 1700; Facesoffungi number: FoF 07971, 2 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2022), no molecular data available.

Epiphytic on dry stem. Sexual morph: Ascomata elliptical in outline, superficial, densely scattered, flattened, circular to broadly elliptical in surface view, sometimes confluent, shining black. Upper part shield-like, sometimes with a few (1–4) low, radiating crests and often with a tiny central buckle which may open by a porus or a very short ostiole. Shield with strictly radiating rows of brown, quadratic to rectangular cells. Basal layer dark brown, with radiating cell rows similar to those of the shield. The plant tissue beneath the basal layer having a brownish yellow color, but lacking any hypostroma. Asci a few in each ascocarp, oblong ellipsoid to clavate with stipe, quite thick-walled, and with a thickening in the apex, with 8 partly 2-seriate spores. No coloration observed when treated with Lugol’s solution. Ascospores ellipsoidal, hyaline, muriform with 3–4-transsepta with wall constrictions, and usually with 1 longitudinal septum in one or two central cells. Asexual morph: Unknown (adapted from Müller 1956 and Granmo and Mathiassen 2013).

 Type species: Dothiopeltis arunci E. Müll.

Notes: Dothiopeltis is characterised by flattened, circular to broadly elliptical ascomata, shield comprising radiating rows of brown, quadratic to rectangular cells, oblong ellipsoid to clavate asci and ellipsoidal, hyaline ascospores, muriform with 3–4-trans-septa. Holm and Holm (1977) reported that D. arunci has longitudinal slit-like openings and they could not observe the basal layers of the peridium. Granmo and Mathiassen (2013) added the second species D. arunci found on stalks of Cicerbita alpina (Asteraceae) in Norway. Dothiopeltis is a distinct genus in Leptopeltidaceae but lacks molecular data. Fresh collections with sequence data are needed to confirm the taxonomic placement of the genus. Dothiopeltis needs epitypification.


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