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Coniozyma leucospermi

Coniozyma leucospermi (Crous & Denman) Crous, in Marincowitz et al., CBS Diversity Ser. (Utrecht) 7: 97 (2008).

Coniothyrium leucospermi Crous & Denman, in Swart et al., S. Afr. J. Bot. 64(2): 139 (1998).

            Index Fungorum number: IF 506250; Facesoffungi number: FoF 11110, Fig. 1

Description: see Swart et al. (1998); Marincowitz et al. (2008).

Material examined: see Swart et al. (1998); Marincowitz et al. (2008).

Fig. 1 Coniozyma leucospermi (PREM 56611, holotype, re-drawn from Figs. 2, 6, 8 in Taylor and Crous 2001). a Conidiomata. b Section through conidioma. c Conidiogenous cells showing annellations (arrowed). d Conidia. Scale bars: a, b, d = 10 μm, c = 30 μm

Importance and distribution

Coniozyma comprises only one species causing amphigenous leaf spots on Leucospermum conocarpodendron (Proteaceae) in Cape Province, South Africa.




Marincowitz S, Crous PW, Groenewald JZ, Wingfield MJ. 2008 − Microfungi occurring on Proteaceae in the fynbos. CBS Biodiversity Series 7, 1−166.

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Taylor J, Crous P. 2001 − Morphological variation and cultural characteristics of Coniothyrium leucospermi associated with leaf spots of Proteaceae. Mycoscience 42, 265–271.



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