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Frigidopyrenia bryospila

Frigidopyrenia bryospila (Nyl.) Grube, Phyton, Horn 45(2): 308 (2005).

 ≡ Verrucaria bryospila Nyl., Flora, Regensburg 47: 357 (1864).

            Index Fungorum number: IF 355751; Facesoffungi number: FoFxxx, Fig. 1

Description: see Grube (2005).

Material examined: see Grube (2005).



Fig. 1. Frigidopyrenia bryospila (UPS! isotype, re-drawn from Fig. 1 in Grube 2005). a Asci with ascospores and paraphyses. Scale bar: a = 20 µm.


Importance and role

Importance of genus to ecosystem

Species of Frigidopyrenia are lichenized. They live in a symbiotic relationship with an alga or cyanobacterium (Tripathi and Joshi 2019).


Industrial relevance and applications

The industrial use of Frigidopyrenia has not been investigated.


Quarantine significance

No disease has been reported from Frigidopyrenia.


Biochemical importance of the genus, chemical diversity or applications

The chemical diversity of Frigidopyrenia has not been investigated.


Diversity of the genus

Frigidopyrenia comprises only one species known on dead mosses in Alaska, Sweden and Norway. The diversity of Frigidopyrenia is poorly known and warrants further investigation. Unstudied hosts and locations must be further explored in an attempt to discover more species of Frigidopyrenia.


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