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Oleoguttula mirabilis

Oleoguttula mirabilis Selbmann & de Hoog, in Crous et al., Fungal Systematics and Evolution 3: 129 (2019).

Index Fungorum number: IF 829419; Facesoffungi number: FoF 11392, Fig. 1

Description: see Egidi et al. (2014).

Material examined:  see Egidi et al. (2014).

Fig. 1 Oleoguttula mirabilis (CBS H-23122, CBS 136102 = CCFEE 5523; re-drawn from Egidi et al. 2014). a–c Phialides with wide openings and very short collarettes and conidia aggregating in dense clusters at phialide tips. Scale bars: a–c = 10 μm.

Importance and distribution

Oleoguttula comprises only one species known from rock in Antarctica. It is one of the very few sporulating rock-inhabiting fungi.




Crous PW, Schumacher RK, Akulov A, Thangavel R et al. 2019 – New and Interesting Fungi 2. FUSE 3, 57–134.

Egidi E, Hoog S, Isola D, Onofri S et al. 2014 – Phylogeny and taxonomy of meristematic rock-inhabiting black fungi in the Dothideomycetes based on multi-locus phylogenies. Fungal Diversity 65, 127–165.


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