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Capnokyma corticola

Capnokyma corticola S. Hughes, N.Z. Jl Bot. 13(4): 638 (1975).

            Index Fungorum number: IF 310393; Facesoffungi number: FoF 11054, Fig. 1

Description: see Hughes (1975).

Material examined: see Hughes (1975).

Fig. 1 Capnokyma corticola (DAOM 97054, holotype; re-drawn from Hughes 1975). Erect sterile hyphae conidiophores with phragmoconidia, partly conidiogenous erect hyphae and hormisciomyces phialides (arrowed). Scale bar = 1 mm.

Importance and distribution

Species of Capnokyma are saprobic on bark of living trees. Capnokyma comprises two species. C. corticola is known from Ackama rosifolia (Cunoniaceae), Hoheria populnea (Malvaceae), Neopanax arboreus (Araliaceae), Olearia rani (Asteraceae), Pseudopanax arboreus (Araliaceae) in New Zealand. C. rossmanae is known from unidentified tree in South America (Venezuela). Capnokyma is a poorly studied genus and it needs to be recollected.




Hughes SJ. 1975 – New Zealand Fungi. New Zealand Journal of Botany, 13, 637–644.



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