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Saccharata proteae

Saccharata proteae (Wakef.) Denman & Crous, in Crous et al., CBS Diversity Ser. (Utrecht) 2: 104 (2004).

            ≡ Phyllachora proteae Wakef., Bull. Misc. Inf., Kew (5): 164 (1922).

Index Fungorum number: IF 370531; Facesoffungi number: FoF 07631, Fig. 1

Description: see Wakefield (1922); Slippers et al. (2013).

           Material examined: see Wakefield (1922); Slippers et al. (2013).


Fig. 1 Saccharata proteae (redrawn from Wakefield 1922). a Vertical section through stroma. b Ascus. c Ascospores. d Paraphyses. Scale bars: a = 20 µm, b = 50 µm, c = 10 µm.

Importance and distribution

Saccharata comprises nineteen species known from twelve host plant in Ericaceae, Fabaceae, Myrtaceae, Proteaceae and Zamiaceae. Saccharata has been reported from Australia (New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia), South Africa (Western Cape Province) and the United States (Hawaii).




Slippers B, Boissin E, Phillips A, Groenewald JZ et al. 2013 Phylogenetic lineages in the Botryosphaeriales: A systematic and evolutionary framework. Studies in Mycology 76, 31–49.

Wakefield EM. 1922 Fungi exotici 26. Kew Bulletin of Miscellaneous Information,161–165.



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