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Neobuelliella Hongsanan & K.D. Hyde, in Hongsanan et al., Fungal Diversity: 10.1007/s13225-020-00462-6, [29] (2020).

 Index Fungorum number: IF 557815; Facesoffungi number: FoF 06944, 83 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2022), 11 species with molecular data.

Lichenicolous. Vegetative hyphae intercellular. Sexual morph: Ascomata apothecioid, dispersed over the host thallus as black dots, grouped, rarely single, rounded, globose when young, pressed at the edges, oval when mature, often bleaching the host thallus, occasionally sunken. Hymenium hyaline to brownish. Disc olive-brown, I-, KI-. Excipulum dark brown, K+ greenish-brown. Hamathecium comprising branched, anastomosing, cellular pseudoparaphyses, capitate at apical and intercalary cells with pigment, thick at tips, with dark-brown pigment. Asci 4–6-spored, bitunicate, fissitunicate cylindrical. Ascospores long, cells rounded, the upper cell sometimes tapered, hyaline, later ± brown, uniseptate, clearly constricted at the septa, thin-walled. Asexual morph: Unknown (adapted from Hongsanan et al. 2020b).

 Type species: Neobuelliella poetschii (Hafellner) Hongsanan & K.D. Hyde

Notes: Neobuelliella is characterised by apothecioid ascomata, fissitunicate, cylindrical asci and hyaline to brown, uniseptate ascospores. Neobuelliella poetschii was previously known as Buelliella poetschii. In the phylogenetic analysis of Dai et al. (2018) and Hongsanan et al. (2020b), Neobuelliella did not cluster with the type species of Buelliella. Hence, Hongsanan et al. (2020b) introduced the new genus Neobuelliella to accommodate N. poetschii. Only LSU and 12S mtDNA sequence data is available in GenBank for Neobuelliella. More collections of Neobuelliella and sequence data from other gene regions are needed. Neobuelliella is a distinct genus in Neobueliellaceae.


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