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Trichodelitschia bisporula

Trichodelitschia bisporula (P. Crouan & H. Crouan) Munk, Dansk bot. Ark. 15(no. 2): 109 (1953).

Hormospora bisporula P. Crouan & H. Crouan, Florule Finistère (Paris): 21 (1867).

            Index Fungorum number: IF 282964; Facesoffungi number: FoF 11995, Fig. 1

Description: see Ebersohn and Eicker (1992); Kruys and Wedin (2006).

Material examined: see Ebersohn and Eicker (1992); Kruys and Wedin (2006).

Fig. 1 Trichodelitschia bisporula (re-drawn from Figs. 22, 23 in Richardson and Watling 1996). a Pseudothecium. b Expanded ascus broken through the outer wall, with ascospores. Scale bars: a = 300 μm, b = 20 μm.

Importance and distribution

Trichodelitschia comprises four species known on dung of Bos taurus (Bovidae), Alces (Cervidae), Giraffa camelopardalis (Giraffidae) and Cervus canadensis (Cervidae). Trichodelitschia is reported from Europe (Sweden, Norway), South Africa and the United States (Nevada).



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